US-Mexico Crossborder Litigation And Transactional Law

LOIT and ASSOCIATES is a full service Mexican law firm, founded in 2000. At the beginning our practice was focused in Mexico, and we worked mostly with Mexican corporations and individuals. As time went by we realized a large number of foreign nationals and small to medium size companies needed help and advice with different types of legal issues in Mexico, and had few options to turn to when it came to being effectively represented in Mexico. We also also saw the growing need of Mexican nationals in search of legal and financial counsel regarding cross-border issues.

In addition globalization was growing, NAFTA was taking force and Mexico needed professionals that were able to understand how this Free Trade Agreement works and had the legal resources to apply it to different situations and in connection not just to Mexico but also the US and Canada.

That is how the idea of expanding our firm and providing state of the art legal services specifically customized for foreign nationals in Mexico and for Mexican nationals abroad began. Our professionals who were already experienced with international law and regulations started to specialize even more in international and cross-border matters. To this day we have built a team that holds degrees from the US, Canada and Europe, some of our members have worked in US firms, others are specialized in Mexico-US trade matters.

Among our members are attorneys licensed in Mexico with LLMs in Mexico or abroad, financial experts with postgraduate degrees in US and Europe, Court translators and interpreters licensed in Mexico as well as licensing and appraisal experts.

While there are many firms in Mexico that deal with Mexican Laws and provide services to large transnational corporations, there are few that actually specialize in providing legal services specifically for foreigners. In order to provide this service, professionals in the firm must not only be knowledgeable in Mexican Law, but also be familiar with the legal, social and cultural background where the client is coming from, and be able to relate to the client’s needs, expectations and standards. Our firm has been able to provide a well rounded service for our clients not just from a legal standard, but also from a financial, social and cultural one.

MAIN OFFICE IN: Guadalajara. Jal Mexico.
AFFILIATED OFFICES IN: Mexico City, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun – Playa del Carmen
PRESENCE IN : Baja California, and Mazatlan
We work closely with Notaries from all over Mexico.