In the event that you will be going to Mexico for the very first time, the process involving immigration can be rather confusing, as two documents are typically required for residents of many countries. For instance, citizens of the following countries will not require visas in order to enter Mexico as tourists for less than 180 days:

*United States


*United Kingdom



*New Zealand


On the other hand, those who are not citizens of the United States who will be traveling to Mexico via the United States may first have to obtain a United States visa.

Mexican law requires the following documents:

*Immigration form completed by each individual, including children.

*Customs form, typically one per family.

While on a flight, the instructions for these forms will be explained by the flight attendant; however, it will typically be explained over the loudspeaker since the other flight attendants will be busy handing out the documents themselves.

Section One of the form involves your entry into Mexico, while Section Two of the form involves your return to your home country. When filling out Section One, you will need to make sure that you completely fill out boxes one through eight, as well as sign your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Furthermore, don’t forget to use the mm/dd/yy format whenever you put in the date, which includes the current date and your date of birth.

Section Two of the form will also require you to fill out boxes one through ten.

Once you leave the aircraft, an individual at the end of the jetway will take the time to look over the form in order to ensure that everything has been filled out correctly. This is especially the case with Section Two of the form, as oftentimes, this is a portion of the form that is forgotten. If this ends up being the case, you will be asked to step aside and fill out this section, as this will help to keep the immigration line moving quicker. On the other hand, if this section has been filled out correctly, you will simply be asked to follow the crowd to the immigration area. Once you reach this area, the immigration officer will stamp Section Two and remove it before then returning it to you. It’s extremely important that you put this portion of the form in a safe place, as you will need it when the time comes for you to check in for your departing flight.

In the event that you happen to lose this portion of the form, you will be taken to an office at the airport where you will be asked a few questions prior to being charged the Mexican Tourist Tax for a second time, as the first time around, you will have been taxed this amount as part of your airfare. Currently, the amount of the tax is 558 pesos, which is the equivalent of approximately $25 or $30.

There is also the possibility that you can fill this form out online as well, as there are many instances in which the airline may not have all of the necessary forms or enough of them for every passenger on the flight. This means that you can simply fill the form out online, print it out, and bring it with you, all of which can be done at absolutely no charge to you provided you are able to obtain all of the correct airline information. The airline itself will pay the tax for you and roll it into your airfare. It’s also important to note that the online form does not provide you with any kind of priority, nor does it actually speed up the review process.

As previously stated, the visitors permit is valid for a total of 180 days maximum beginning on the date that you enter the country of Mexico. This is an allowance that is provided on a per entry basis, meaning that each time you exit and enter Mexico, the allowance will reset.

Filling Out Mexican Immigration and Customs Forms. If this is something you need help with contact us today to eliminate any fears or concerns you might have with this process.