If you need to extend your stay (I-94) in the US we can help you file for extension or change of status. Our office also provides legal help with non immigrant visa process  or renewals, applying for LPR (Green Card), Citizenship or DACA.

When it comes to the immigration process in the United States, this is something that can oftentimes be both confusing and complex to navigate through thanks in large part to all of the obstacles that are involved. Perhaps the best method to ensure that your specific case is able to move quickly is to stay updated on it by checking it online.

This process is relatively simply, especially if your case has been open anywhere from a few months to a few years. Here are the basic steps that you should make note of in order to ensure that you are properly able to check your USCIS case status online.

*First and foremost, you will need to ensure that you have your full 13-digit receipt number. From there, visit the official USCIS website and go to the case status page. From there, enter your 13-digit receipt number in full, then click on “Check Status.”

*The page will then refresh. Once it does, you will then be able to view an update that shows the current status of your specific case.

If you are someone who has submitted either a visa application, visa extension, visa transfer, or a green card application to USCIS, you will also be able to check your specific case status online as well. USCIS is also able to offer case status tracking for the following cases:

*Form I-140

*Form I-485

*Form I-765

*Adjustment of Status (AoS)

*Advance Parole

*Employment Authorization Documents (EAD)


Additionally, you are also able to check the following types of applications on the official USCIS website as well:

*H1-B Applications

*Green Card Applications

In the event that you are unable to check your USCIS case status online, there are several alternative methods that you can utilize in order to check your official case status. These include the following:



*Direct Mail

*Visiting Your Local Processing Center In Person

It’s important to note that these alternative methods will oftentimes have long wait times in terms of being able to obtain an official status update.

In order to check your official USCIS case status by phone, please call 1-800-375-5283. While you do not need to have your 13-digit receipt number, keep in mind that you may end up experiencing long wait times – up to two hours or more – depending on the amount of other callers who may also be inquiring about their own cases.

In order to check your official USCIS case status by direct mail, you will need to submit an inquiry letter to your local field office, ensuring that you include the following information:

*Full Name

*Date of Birth

*Alien Number (if Applicable)

*Date in Which You Filed Your Application/Petition

*Location in Which You Filed Your Application/Petition

*Receipt Number (if You Received One)

In terms of the total processing time, this will depend on the specific form that has been submitted and, as previously mentioned, can vary from a few months to a few years; however, USCIS lists the typical processing times for each application type on their official website.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are specific USCIS asylum offices and field offices that have taken the steps of enacting precautions in order to prevent the spread of the virus in facilities that officially reopened to the general public back on June 4. These include the following:

*No one may enter a USCIS facility if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, breathing difficulties, or shortness of breath; if they have been in close contact with anyone either known or suspected to have contracted COVID-19 within the last 14 days; if they have been individually directed to self-isolate or self-quarantine by a public health official or health care provider within the last 14 days.

*No one may enter a USCIS facility more than 15 minutes prior to their appointment or more than 30 minutes prior to their naturalization ceremony.

*Hand sanitizer will be provided at all facility entry points.

*All individuals must wear facial coverings that cover both the nose and the mouth. In the event that you do not have one, one can be provided for you or you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

*Markings and physical barriers will be present in all USCIS facilities in order to ensure that all individuals are able to follow all proper social distancing guidelines.

*Individuals coming to any USCIS facility may be asked to answer health screening questions before being permitted to enter the facility.

*Individuals are encouraged to bring their own blue or black ink pens to use.

*Further instructions in terms of visiting USCIS facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be included in all appointment notices.