The Internet is a great source for information. You can easily browse vacation homes in Mexico without leaving the comfort of your living room. But be aware that there are tons of online scams that you easily fall prey to. Here are some guidelines to make sure you end up with a house you are happy with.

Never send money without a written contract

It is in your best interest to have an attorney involved in the home buying process. Have an attorney look over the contract before sending any money. Never send any kind of “deposit” or anything without having a contract you have agreed upon. No contract, no money. The threat of you “missing an opportunity” if you don’t send money now is simply that – a threat.

Don’t buy a house without viewing homes in person

Since real estate agents aren’t really regulated in Mexico, it is important to hire one based on a referral from someone you trust. This could be your attorney dealing with your contract, a relative or even a friend. Even after the recommendation, do your own research. Always go view the homes in person before signing anything.

Make sure the person selling you the property owns the property

This is another common scam. People will sell property they don’t even own. This is another reason to hire a real estate attorney. They will make sure that they have proof of ownership and do the due diligence to make sure you receive the deed to whatever property you are buying.

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