Corporate Law Austin-

When it comes to commercial law and corporate law, the main difference between the two is rather simple. Commercial lawyers generally step in when transactions or deals end up going wrong, while corporate lawyers help to craft transactions and deals. Furthermore, commercial lawyers typically resolve issues either through the judicial systems or other alternative means, such as arbitration or mediation.

Corporate lawyers essentially advise businesses on all of their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. Additionally, they also coordinate with fellow transactional attorneys in specialties including ERISA, real estate, and tax.

Oftentimes, many firms will use terms such as corporate and transactional on an interchangeable basis when it comes to describing their areas of practice. The main point to remember, however, is that corporate lawyers structure transactions, negotiate deals, attend meetings, draft documents, and make calls. Furthermore, they also work to ensure that all provisions of an agreement are clear, unambiguous, and won’t end up causing any serious issues for their clients anytime in the future, or that the provisions are ambiguous in such a manner that their client’s interests are served. Corporate lawyers also work to advise on the overall duties and responsibilities of corporate directors, insiders, and officers as well. On the other hand, not every firm is designed to categorize the varieties of corporate practice in the same manner, as there are some firms who may have separate practice groups for mergers and acquisitions or antitrust, while there are some others who may include them within their corporate department.

Here are some of the other areas in which corporate attorneys may choose to spend part of their time.

*Venture capital, which involves a corporate lawyer working on both public and private financings, and well as day-to-day counseling, essentially assisting new businesses with securing money for all of their ventures, as well as organizing their operations and maintaining all of their business and legal structures once their business has been formed. Some of their most common responsibilities include general corporate work, technology licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and financing.

*Project finance, which involves corporate attorneys specializing in fields such as the development and construction of power plants, industrial plants, oil refineries, pipelines, telecommunications networks, mines, and transportation systems, all of which involve the cooperation of all sorts of different entities, as well as multiple lawyers and large amounts of money. Corporate attorneys will often work to form of project entity, partnership, corporation, or another type of legal entity that exists for the duration of the project, as well as draft power purchase agreements and construction contracts before then negotiating financial terms with both lenders and investors.

*Mergers and acquisitions, which means that through acquiring or merging with another separate company, a business can add production facilities, a brand name, or property. Furthermore, this process could also work to neutralize competitors in the exact same field as well. These types of attorneys work to provide legal counsel regarding proposed transactions, as well as review all liabilities and key assets of a company, including employment agreements, financial statements, intellectual property holdings, and real estate holdings. From there, the lawyer will then be able to assess the overall situation before then bringing up specific issues. Then, the lawyer can then draft the merger and acquisition agreement and negotiate all terms of each party’s rights, liabilities, and responsibilities.



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