Real estate and real property involves both land and all buildings that occupy it. In terms of who may own and use the land itself, this is something that is always governed by real estate law.

We know that real estate can be either residential or commercial in nature, and can also be owned by one person even though it may be used by another through some sort of rental arrangement. Land can also be both bought and sold; however, there are different local laws that are designed to ensure that real estate transactions are both performed and recorded in a proper manner. Estate planning is also something that can allow land to be passed between family members, and finally, governments on a state and local level also have rules regarding how land can be used.

In terms of real estate attorneys, they are not legally required to be present for every transaction that’s made; however, employing the services of one can help greatly. These types of attorneys can take the time to review the transaction history of a home and title in order to ensure that the home itself can actually be sold and that no previous owners will be able to still claim that they own the home. Additionally, real estate attorneys can also give advice to homeowners in regards to various mortgage options, and they can also review the contract of sale in order to make sure that everything is fair to all parties involved.

In terms of fees, real estate attorneys typically charge by the hour, while others may charge a flat fee.

Some of the most common practice areas for real estate attorneys include the following:

*Tax law

*Landlord tenant law


*Estate planning

*Insurance law

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