If you are injured in another country, the most important thing to do is to consult with an international attorney to obtain advice regarding your specific situation. You will be able to discuss the incident, as well as determine exactly how you will be able to proceed based on the legal system that’s involved with your particular case.  Generally, the case will depend on the jurisdiction and the actual protocol for either international or domestic cases and incidents.

The affected individual will need to speak with a qualified legal professional in the same country in which they live and work. They can also consult with a professional who possesses an international background involving claims that can extend to both the country of incident and the United States. For personal injury in Mexico, the experts at LOIT & Associates experts have experience in their specific areas both in Mexico and the US and can understand the differences and similarities between Mexican and American Law for each situation. If the foreign country is where the actual claim is expected to proceed, then the differing legal system could end up resulting in complications.

Typically, however, getting in touch with an attorney that works internationally is your best first step to begin proceedings and understand the scope of the injury that was suffered overseas. From there, the affected individual can then plan on how they want to file a claim before resolving the matter through all available legal options.

The injured individual should review the issue with an attorney as soon as possible due to the statue of limitations. If you wait towards the end of the statue of limitations, claims processing may take too long and the statue of limitations will expire for the case. The time limits depend on where the injury was sustained and where the case is expected to take place.

Even if the injured individual does not need an attorney for the injury, they should still consider hiring a lawyer in order to pursue the claim that they have filed. This is because initiating everything within the statute of limitations window is extremely important. The attorney will assess the entire matter, including gathering all necessary evidence and supporting the affected individual throughout their entire claim.

No matter the seriousness of the issue, hiring an international attorney for personal injury in Mexico is important whenever international issues are involved. This will give the attorney time to assess the claim, as well as proceed through all of the necessary procedures based on jurisdiction. From there, they will then be able to communicate with the client regarding all of the specific matters involving the case before everything proceeds through insurance.

If you need personal injury in Mexico advice or legal help, LOIT & Associates are experienced lawyers and can help you navigate the insurance and legal systems of the United States and Mexico. We are based in both Jalisco and Texas and handle cases about documents, immigration, family law, personal injury, real estate, and more.