If you own a company that conducts business with foreign customers, service providers, and/or vendors, or if you import products from various overseas locations and ship products to these locations in return, it’s important to note that international law is something that affects your business every single day. Even if this is something you don’t do, it can possibly still affect you anyway.

Companies that sell various goods and services across national borders must adhere to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. This is a treaty that applies to the sale of most tangible goods across the nation, with the exception of both ships and aircraft, when both parties involved with the contract are located in signatory countries.

In terms of being able to obtain a favorable resolution in terms of business conflicts is something that’s always a matter of leverage. Whenever it’s known that the law is essentially on your side, they’ll generally agree to a resolution that favors you over them.

This is where hiring an international business attorney will be useful, as they are aware of details regarding all multinational and international agreements made between two parties. Additionally, they must also be familiar with arbitration panels and international courts, as well as how they come to decisions in cases that come before them.

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