With today’s world quickly changing, companies and individuals alike will require additional and experienced legal counsel in order to help with anticipating all sorts of changes and quickly reacting to many new rulings and rules. Many firms will take the time to stand up for all of their clients whenever they need to stand up for their regulators in terms of administrative law. When it comes to challenging United States federal and state regulations, as well as defending against many types of government lawsuits, firms will always help to get through administrative litigation that can often be both complex and expensive.

Many of the firms who are experienced with this type of litigation are often considered to be cross-practice teams who work to both counsel and support a wide range of industries and businesses, including medical devices, life sciences, consumer products, financial services, and more.

A great deal of these firms also have experience with handling many different types of matters involving all sorts of government agencies throughout the United States, such as the following:

*Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

*Board of Immigration Appeals

*Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

*Commodity Futures Trading Commission

*Department of Commerce

*Department of Education

*Department of Health and Human Services

*Department of Justice

*Department of the Treasury

*Federal Maritime Commission

*Federal Trade Commission

*Food and Drug Administration

*International Trade Commission

*Office of Foreign Assets Control

*Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals

*Patent and Trademark Office

*Provider Reimbursement Review Board

*Securities and Exchange Commission

*U.S. Customs and Border Protection

*Veterans Affairs

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