Approximately 150,000 American citizens typically visit Mexico every day, and each and every one of them are safe whenever they do so. Typically, the news always reports about all of the violence that always takes place in Mexico; however, this country is actually a lot safer than most major U.S. cities, even though most Americans tend to feel safer visiting many major cities in their own country.

Politically-Charged Bias Involving the Media

Facts involving safety in Mexico have truly become political in nature, as politicians tend to have no problem fueling the fire when it comes to this. As a result, people always pay a lot of attention to the subject. Only after a lot of damage was inflicted on Mexico’s image, the governor of the state of Arizona admitted that a story involving severed heads being found in a desert was absolutely baseless. Furthermore, stories about homicide rates in the country are facts that come from the FBI and are not any kind of political fabrication.

Favoritism vs. Facts

The city of New Orleans is one that is truly beloved and showcased throughout the news occasionally. The FBI is even reporting that the overall murder rate in the city is going down; however, it remains four times higher than that of Mexico and five times higher than that of Mexico City. Mexico, however, remains truly remarkable and different regarding how it’s actually portrayed in the news.

Other Vacation Destinations

Even though Mexico is often portrayed as a dangerous place, statistics prove otherwise. Data from the United Nations shows that Mexico isn’t even among the top 36 nations that have the highest murder rates. In fact, the assault rate of the United States is approximately five times higher than Mexico’s. Furthermore, Mexico is also ranked 21st behind other vacation destinations in terms of unreported homicides.


Safest Mexican States

The U.S. State Department has gone on record of stating that the tourist areas of Mexico typically don’t experience the same safety issues that are generally seen by the Texas border. Approximately 27 of Mexico’s states, along with the Mexico City Federal District, contain no full or limited advisories located outside of their tourist areas. In fact, only four states recommend avoiding travel:

  • Chihuahua
  • Coahuila
  • Durango
  • Tamaulipas


It’s certainly no secret that Mexico is extremely large. In fact, it ranks 14th among the 249 other countries in the world, contains a total of 31 states, and measures approximately 2,000 miles from end to end. The country also contains a Federal District that is similar in nature to Washington, D.C. which is considered to be much larger and much safer.

Low Violent Crime Rates

The violent crime rates for issues such as kidnapping, rape, and assault are drastically lower than those of Canada; yet, the U.S. State Department has never issued any kind of a warning regarding that country. Furthermore, the rape rate in the United States is more than double the rate for Mexico. Statistically, you are a lot safer in Mexico unless you are someone who is involved in the drug trade.

U.S. Travel Advisory

The U.S. State Department has been known to issue very detailed warnings to United States citizens regarding traveling to Mexico; however, these warnings tend to contradict themselves by listing all sorts of horrible crimes, only to then state that most of the warning areas are not part of the advisory that is being described.

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