Search of Public Documents Lawyer in Mexico

We also conduct searches of public documents in Mexico, which may include searches in:

The Civil Registry

  • Birth , Marriage and Death Certificates as well as divorce, adoptions or other anotations within the certificates.

The Public Registry of Commerce 

  • Public deeds or private documents given before  or attested by Notary or Public Broker (Corredor Publico)

Including but not limited to: Creation of corporations, shareholder’s meetings and other corporate acts.

  • Legal, judicial or administrative resolutions,  judgements or awards

The Public Registry of Property

  • Title of property, certificate of encumbrances or non-encumbrances,  or any other public deeds or documents regarding realestate property.

Including but not limited to lease agreements for a period of more than 6 years.

  • Catastro and other registries: Property tax payments, water or other utility payments
  • Legal and Judicial documents:  Search of judgements, awards, decrees, wills and other legal documents.

Translations:  Translations of documents presented in court or before judicial or legal authorities must be translated and stamped by a court or registry certified translator. Our office has certified translators in English, Spanish and French.

Notary law:

Our office works in close conection to well recognized Notary’s offices all over Mexico.  Due to this close work relationship we are able to obtain notarial services in an expedite, efective and less expensive maner for our clients. These services include:

  • Issuing and registring public documents and deeds. Such as: Corporate records, property titles.
  • Assistance during realestate process
  • Authentication, attestation or certification of documents
  • Notarial certifications or statement of facts
  • Serving process of legal or judicial documents in out of court procedures.


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