Strange Laws In Mexico. When it comes to traveling abroad, everyone is well aware of the most obvious things that can get you arrested. Mexico is one country that offers absolutely no exception at all; however, there are all kinds of strange and lesser-known ways that can result in you getting arrested during your trip to this popular destination.

Here are four of the strangest laws that could get you arrested in Mexico.

  • First, there’s urinating in public. This is one offense that authorities in Mexico have absolutely no issue with fining and arresting people for, especially foreigners who are under the assumption that they will be able to get away with doing something like this in a sneaky manner rather than taking the time to locate a toilet.
  • Next is drinking 72 hours prior to an election. Regardless of whether or not you’re a citizen or you’re able to vote in a local election, is it illegal to drink alcohol within a 72-hour period leading up to any state or national election in Mexico. Additionally, you will also find it extremely difficult to obtain any alcohol from shops during the Holy Week period as well.
  • Next, there’s removing your feet off the pedals of a bike. Yes, that’s correct – no cyclist is permitted to remove their feet from bike pedals due to fear that they could lose control and end up crashing. This law was actually passed during the late nineteenth century following an accident between a coach and cyclist. 
  • Strange Laws In Mexico. Finally, there’s transporting pork scratchings across the border from Mexico into the United States. There are actually several items that are not permitted to be taken across the border as souvenirs, such as animals, drugs, illegal products, and more, but one of the stranger items includes pork products, such as pork scratchings. Under no circumstances are pork products permitted to be brought into the United States from Mexico, and those who do attempt to do so can find themselves arrested and jailed.