There are three places to party in Mexico on New Year’s Eve that everyone always makes sure to visit while in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen

One of the most exciting times of the year for this picturesque waterfront getaway is its New Year’s Eve celebration. You can expect the party to floor out from the clubs into the streets. Jumping from hotspot to hotspot, party goers are bound to have a good time. There is one tradition that makes Playa Del Carmen unique and that is how after the partying is done for the night, crowds of people make their way to the sea shore to see the first rays of sunlight for the first sunrise of the near year. It is a renewing way to bring in the New Year.


Not only is Cancun one of the most legendary destinations in Mexico during Spring Break or the summer time it is for the new year. Cancun holds some of the most marvelous natural beauties Mexico offers. However, it is also extremely inviting, lively, and friendly. During the day, you can relax in the sun and swim in the warm water. Then at night there is a party central in the Hotel Zone with clubes like Mandala, Palazzo, Dady’O, and La Vaquita. They will have people from all around the world. The Mandala Beach Club hosts an annual New Year’s Eve after party that keeps the celebration going.

Mexico City

You can celebrate new year in Mexico City either as a native or as a tourist. If you want, you could do both! As a native, you will head to the historic locations of Centro Historico and Zocalo. These are the traditional celebration hubs of Mexico city. You can find local culinary drinks and live entertainment. At Zocalo, you can have a clear view of the annual firework show. As a tourist, there are many numerous clubs and street parties that you will find in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods. You can find multiple places to party.

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