With the new year just starting, it’s time to make travel plans for this year. Here are the top places to travel in Mexico in 2019.


Zihuatanejo is the perfect place to travel in 2019. It provides an authentic Mexican experience full of brilliant sunsets and a laid back vibe. In addition, there are opportunities to dive and snorkel. Also, there are even places to each fresh fish tacos and ceviche along the beach.


This is the home to the world’s only waterfront Mayan ruins. It appeals to history buffs, but also water lovers. Furthermore, it is in a less populated stretch of the Maya not overtaken by nearby beaches and megaresort influences.


This island is best known for its coral reefs and cruise ships. In addition, it is a quiet place to learn about Mayan culture and to relax on the beach with a good book. It even provides a means to contect with the history of San Gervasio and El Cedral ruins.

Playa del Carmen

Similarly, with a hip food scene, Playa del Carmen is known for its hipper bar culture. You can stay at the many resorts they have but also bike to a nearby denote for a refreshing dip in the water.


This is the go to stop for spring breakers. It has sand, nightclubs, and all inclusive resorts and inexpensive flights from the US. The city sits close to jungles and cenotes and caverns. Furthermore, visiting in the winter is the best time because it ensures you see this town in its best and more peaceful light.

Mexico City

This is the most populated city in Mexico that is steeped in history and culture. With delectable cuisine and ancient Aztec sites, all at fairly low costs, there is something to do for everybody.

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