Litigation Lawyer in Mexico

Our litigation team has wide experience in all the areas of law offered by our Firm. We represent domestic and international individuals and corporations, in business, civil, family courts. Our litigators are also very skilled in Appeals and in Amparo Trial.

Before going to court our team will discus other several out of court options such as administrative procedures, mediation or arbitration, the use of contract or notarial law among others.

Our firm is aware of the costs, time consuming procedures and risks of litigation, therefore we only take to court the matters that cannot be solved anyother way. Our experience in court however, has provided our clients with a very high rate of success.

It is important to mention that Mexico follows Civil litigation system rather than Common Law . Therefore most of the trial process is writen as oposed to oral in Mexico. This means that our clients will not need to appear before the judge as much, and most of the motions are presented and resolved in paper rather than in hearings or by oral arguments. This does not mean there are not any hearings but these are few.

Our litigation services include:

  • Advice on relevant actions or defenses
  • Preparatory means for trial
  • Locating defendants, key witnesses or other parties relevant to the trial and summoning them to trial.
  • Preparation and filing to lawsuits, counterclaims
  • Preparing discovery, preparing witnesses, conducting interrogatories
  • Submitting evidence
  • Answering and summiting motions and pleas and all appeals or filings necessary to address and follow the judicial process in all courts through its final conclusion.


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