Citizenship disability exemption. Generally defined, Form N-648 – Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions is used to provide an opportunity for naturalization applicants who have a disability that is either physical, mental, or developmental in nature to become naturalized citizens without actually needing to meet the English or civics requirements.

In terms of the form itself, it’s important to note that USCIS currently accepts only the new edition of Form N-648 that is dated 5/23/19, as new policy guidance officially went into effect in regards to it on February 12, 2019, which includes the following:

*Reviewing all regulatory and statutory criteria in terms of the exception involving disability.

*How Form N-648 is able to be completed in partnership with a medical professional, as well as the overall procedure for submitting the form itself.

When it comes to submitting Form N-648, this should be done by those individuals who are applying for naturalization and who are also seeking to obtain an exception to the English or civics requirements for naturalization due to a developmental disability, physical disability, or mental impairment. Furthermore, this form must also be submitted alongside Form N-400 – Application for Naturalization and is only considered when it is filed in a timely manner; however, in the event that the form is submitted later or in multiple forms, there is the chance that it could be accepted under specific circumstances.

On the other hand, Form N-648 should not be submitted by those individuals who are able to meet the English and civics requirements for naturalization when reasonable accommodations are able to be provided under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These accommodations include the following:

*Sign language interpreters

*Extended time for testing

*Off-site testing

Certification of this form may only be completed by clinical psychologists, medical doctors, and doctors of osteopathy who are licensed to practice in the United States; however, staff members of the medical practice that is associated with the medical professional who will be certifying the form will be able to assist in completing it.

Here are the general instructions required for completing Form N-648:

*The form must be signed and submitted properly. It’s important to note that signatures that are either typewritten or stamped will not be accepted. Additionally, a legal guardian will also be permitted to sign the form for an applicant who is deemed to be mentally incompetent. In the event that the form is not signed or if the requisite signature is found to not be valid, the form will either be rejected or denied.

*In terms of filing purposes, a scanned, photocopied, or faxed copy of the original handwritten signature of the applicant will be considered as being valid; however, this must be of the original document and feature the original signature made in ink.

*When submitting any photocopies of requested documents, they should be legible unless the instructions in the form specifically mandate that the original documents are required to be submitted. In the event that this is the case, the original documents will be returned to you once it’s determined that they are no longer needed. On the other hand, if you submit original documents despite not being asked to do so, you will run the risk of them being destroyed immediately after they are received.

*When submitting documents, you will also be required to an English version of the same document if you submit any that are in a foreign language. Furthermore, a translator will be required to sign a certification that the translated version of the documents is both accurate and complete, as well as the fact that they are able to translate the foreign language into English. Additionally, the certification must also include information regarding the translator, such as their signature, printed name, date, and contact information.

*The form must be typed or printed in a legible manner.

*Be sure to answer every question as accurately as possible; however, if there is a question that does not apply to you, simply input N/A unless you are specifically directed to put something else in its place. Additionally, if there is a question that requires a numeric response and you have to place a zero, simply input None unless you are specifically directed to put something else in its place.

*The completed form must be provided to the applicant by a medical professional.

*In the event that an interpreter was used during a medical examination, they are responsible for filling out Part 4 of the form. In this section, they must provide information such as their name, the name and address of their organization, their daytime telephone number, their mobile number, and their email address before then signing and dating the form.

It’s also important to note that there is no filing fee that is required to be paid in terms of filing Form N-648.

Any applicant who is not a citizen of the United States is required to notify USCIS of their new address within no more than ten days of moving from their previous address.

In terms of processing, once the form has been accepted by USCIS, it will be checked to ensure that everything has been completely filled out. In the event that this is not the case, then your form may be deemed as being insufficient. Furthermore, you may also be requested to provide further evidence or information in order to support your form, such as original forms of documentation. The final decision from USCIS regarding your form will depend solely on whether you are eligible for an exception to the civics and English requirements for naturalization. Additionally, USCIS will send you their final decision in writing.

Citizenship disability exemption can be a difficult process to understand alone. If you need legal help with the N-648 form please contact us right away.