In the event that you were to ever discover that your intellectual property was being infringed upon without your permission, there are a few important steps that you should consider taking in order to get the infringement itself to stop.

Here are three important steps to take if someone is infringing on your intellectual property.

Obtain Legal Advice

First and foremost, obtain legal advice immediately. This is because some intellectual property infringement is considered to be criminal in nature. Attorneys who are experienced in these types of cases will be able to work with you and help you to determine the best course of action to take once all of your options have been evaluated.

Cease & Desist

You will then want to initiate contact with the offender. Generally, this is done by submitting a cease and desist letter, either by yourself or through your attorney. This is a letter that requests that the individual or company stops using your intellectual property. Be sure to include all relevant information in the letter, as well as a time limit to respond so that you know when to take further action if it’s needed.

Take Further Action

You can also choose to take legal action against the entity who is infringing on your intellectual property. Prior to doing this, you must ensure that your work is registered. Depending on the type of infringement involved, you can file a civil case, criminal complaint, or potentially both, and you may be also entitled to receive anything from attorneys’ fees to punitive damages.

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